Assistance Dogs in Training Australia (ADiTA) has been formed to provide a service to people with a disability, or their carers, who are seeking information about Assistance Dogs in Training
(ADiT) in Australia.

Information will be relevant to :

  • People with a disability wishing to train an ADiT themselves – with the assistance of qualified trainers rather than a training organisation
  • People with a disability wishing to train an ADiT themselves – with the support of a qualified training organisation
  • People with a disability wishing to purchase a fully trained Assistance Dog
  • Qualified trainers and organisations supporting people with a disability by providing them with training and support relating to an ADiT or AD

ADiTA will also strive to :

  • improve community education, acceptance and inclusion of people with an ADiT

As a peak body, ADiTA will :

  • undertake research and disseminate information regarding ADiTs
  • Develop and inform policy regarding ADiTs
  • advocate for outcomes which benefit people with a disability and their ADiT
  • Communicate and liase with organisations and individuals involved in the sector
  • Undertake sector development activities
  • Support frontline service providers
  • Provide advice to individuals, sector organisations, government service providers and Government
  • Raise awareness around the benefits of ADiTs and the role they play in the lives of a person with disability in the community
  • Raise awareness around protocols relating to Assistance Dogs in Training (ADiT) and Assistance Dogs (AD)

Who may benefit from an AD or ADiT?

In addition to being trained to specifically perform tasks to provide assistance to a person with disability, Assistance Dogs (AD), and Assistance Dogs in Training (ADiT), often increase their owner/handler’s confidence to leave their home; improve their independence and their self esteem.

If you have a disability – physical, mental, emotional or psychosocial – which functionally impacts your life – your GP, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapist might suggest an AD could be beneficial to you.

An Assistance Dog is considered a medical aid.

Contact ADiTA for information which may assist you in your journey of training an ADiT.